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A Year's Worth of Classes

All Pennwriters Courses are conducted in a “live” presentation format utilizing the Zoom platform. If a conflict arises based on the required meeting times, please contact the instructor and Online Courses Coordinator to find a possible solution. ALL sessions will be recorded and will be available for students.

Please note that days and times of meetings vary each month. If you have further questions, please contact Dan Arndt

All Pennwriters events, including online classes and other meetings are easily found on the website calendar.


An updated yearly list will be loaded to the documents library soon!

Line Up of Classes for 2023

April 2023 Online Class: Online Class: Developing Your Full-Length Screenplay with Instructor Diana Dru Botsford

Find the full description for this course by following this link

This class will meet from 7PM to 9PM on the following Tuesdays: April 4, 11, 18, and 25.


Weekly video lessons with supplemental worksheets, links, etc.
Weekly activities to explore and experiment with the medium’s techniques
Weekly Zoom sessions for lectures, workshopping, and Q&A

Learn by doing! Participants will learn story, structure, and writing techniques for a full-length screenplay while crafting a working outline. Opening sequences will be scripted and workshopped in the last week of the course. We’ll explore how to utilize the medium to express characterization through subtext, economizing plot structure, formatting, and how script stylization and technique affect the reader’s experience. A recently released film (and its screenplay) will be used as a case study to enable our discussions to have common ground. Links to free and discounted screenwriting software will be included.

There will not be an online class offered during May.

June 2023 Online Class:  Craft: Putting the Art & Science of the Writing Process to Work for You With Kathleen Shoop

This class will meet on Zoom on Tuesdays in June: June 6, 13, 20, & 27 from 7PM to 8PM

Find all the details for this class at this link.


A course for writers from those who’ve just now opened their first story document to the wise old owls who need to take a fresh look at enriching the stories they tell. Writers of every genre will benefit from this course.
What’s the problem? You can’t “find” your voice. Your characters are stale little cardboard versions of who they should be. You’re overwhelmed with what it takes to make them breathe and create a setting that readers can step into from page one. You’re troubled by info dumps that suffocate and cause readers to put your book down. Your work is not inspiring you to query it or to share it with your readers.

July Online Class: Watch Your Gas Milage: Cutting Words and Writing Tight with Kathy Otten

This class will meet on Sundays, July 9, 16, 23, and 30, 2023, on Zoom from 1:00 PM until 2:00 PM

Find all the details at this link.


In the same way a driver economizes their gas mileage by condensing trips and monitoring driving habits, as writers we need to do the same with the words we choose to put on paper. As we rewrite, plot, story arcs, and character development are the points of our focus. Scenes and characters are added and omitted. Cut, paste, and delete are part of that tedious process. But when your manuscript is finally finished and ready to send off into the big wide world of the reader, hold off on hitting that submit button. Take the time to search your manuscript for places to cut words and tighten your piece.


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